Even with the explosive growth of the gambling market, the concept of responsible gambling in Kenya is still new. Most Kenyans still don’t understand how addictive betting can be especially when taken for the wrong reasons.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with betting when taken as a leisure activity. However, you are in deep trouble if you are taking it as an income-generating activity or an escape from anxiety and depression.

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Moreover, you are at risk of getting addicted to gambling if you have an addictive personality. Click here to learn how your personality makes you prone to gambling addiction.

This article will help provide you with responsible betting tips in Kenya to help you practice responsible gambling. You need to take charge of your gambling behavior by learning about responsible gambling in Kenya and determining where you stand through self-awareness.

What is Responsible gambling?

A responsible gambler takes gambling as a recreational activity and is in control of their gambling behavior.

You are not gambling responsibly if you take gambling as an income-generating activity and are often chasing losses. An irresponsible gambling operator uses manipulative marketing techniques to get vulnerable people to bet.

You are vulnerable if you are using the little money you have to gamble with a hope that you will hit the jackpot and become rich. Poor people tend to get desperate at times and betting companies take advantage of this by targeting them with promises of how gambling can take them from rags to riches. Most people are dreamers meaning that they are likely to fall for such stories irrespective of how nonsensical they are.

You are on the route to losing control of your gambling behavior if you are always thinking about gambling and how it will make you an overnight millionaire. If you want to become rich, start setting aside savings however little.

If you must bet, use what remains after taking care of the bills and saving at least 15% of your income per month.

Responsible gambling betting tips in Kenya

When looking for betting tips in Kenya, you need to ensure that you only search for those that make you a responsible gambler. These tips will help you avoid falling in the deep dark pit of gambling addiction.

  1. Gamble for leisure and not to make a living – There are only a handful of people who have become rich through gambling. Research shows that among the few, at least 90% end up squandering their fortune. There is a high likelihood of becoming rich hawking sweats than there is betting.
  2. Automate your savings – Set your bank account to automatically transfer a portion of your income to a fixed saving account as soon as it hits your account. Transfer enough to cater for budgeted monthly bills to a loved one. If you must gamble, use what is left after saving and catering for your bills.
  3. Keep a journal and update it daily – Keep a journal detailing your responsible betting tips and review it at the end of each day. Reward yourself for sticking to a set budget per month. Track the amount of money you spend on gambling per month. You are in deep trouble if you are gambling more than 5% of your income per month.
  4. Seek help – if you feel that your behavior is out of control, contact us for free betting addiction counseling. We are ready to walk with you through the journey to recovery.

How can operators protect Kenyans from betting addiction?

Unfortunately, the majority of operators are also oblivious of the impact that irresponsible gambling has on the industry as a whole.

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When some operators use bait marketing to get vulnerable people to bet, they are casting the whole industry in bad light. The level of gambling addiction in Kenya is on the rise thanks to some of the operators targeting vulnerable people including children.

As a gambler avoid the operators who do not appear to pay attention to responsible gambling. Before signing up with any of them, visit their responsible gambling page and determine the initiatives they are taking towards ensuring that their customers are safe.

Bottom line

Contact Gamhelp Kenya for free betting addiction counseling in Kenya. You can start by taking our gambling addiction diagnosis test to know if you have a gambling addiction. Our services include telephone and online counselling and also inpatient and outpatient services for suicidal cases.